Friday, September 3


Iam not a Communist. Not a communist follower. But, Iam not an Old hat or Codger.

I have an independent and melioristic thinking . I continued this character even under the British rule. The British police never questioned or threatened me . They never came to search my house.

But after Independence , Indian police searched my house again and again. They threatened me. They made fearful scenes to my family. They questioned me several times inspected and investigated through my library and writing materials.

Why? What they got? Nothing. I had to hide THE MOTHER of Maxim Gorkey which is not banned under the Govt. of Jawahar Lal Nehru.

I asked: What do you want? The policeman replied: We were searching here communism……….! I said: Better you search in China…..! "

- v v k valath.

THE WAY FREEDOM CAME TO INDIA Article Published in THE LEFTIST (Malayalam) edited by Pandalam P.R. Madhavan Pillai. 1951 April 19

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